Welcome to I Remember Halloween 2.0

It’s a franchise reboot!

After evaluating the things I wanted to accomplish with the I Remember Halloween site, it became quickly apparent that I was taking the wrong (read: simplistic) approach. After a bit of research I rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath, and dove right into creating the Halloween site I’ve always wanted to build. I really don’t know what I’m doing though, so in the beginning it will take me some time to build momentum.

You’ll see I have some undeveloped pages at this point for movie and haunted house reviews. As I start writing these they will be listed on those pages. I also plan on linking to external reviews when applicable. In the past I have also gone as far as to review retail stores’ Halloween displays – I haven’t yet decided if I will create a page for that or just incorporate them into the blog.

Another thing you’ll notice over on the right is the Jukebox. I quivered with delight when I got it working.  As of now it is currently sporting the 2009 Halloween playlist (with slight necessary modifications), a thing I take great pride in. In the past I have handed these out as CDs to anyone willing to have it foisted upon – now you’ll be able to stream it right from here. Of course, I’ll still be happy to give it out on CD. Typically, I finish these annual playlists in Late September. Rest assured, this year’s mix will be posted as soon as it is finished.

The Halloweens Past section is something I’m still toying with. The current idea is to simply host a photo gallery of past Halloween parties, though it may grow to include other content.

The final aspect of the site I want to build in (and another thing on which I’m totally clueless) is a pseudo-event calendar where I can map out what I plan to do during the months of September and October. It will include haunted house visits, store/haunted attraction opening dates, theatrical and home video release dates for horror movies, and other things as they come to mind. Last year I hosted a small pre-Halloween viewing of Trick R Treat that was a lot of fun. I’d like to do more of those this year with other films, and they will be listed on the calendar.

That should about do for now. The real activity won’t begin until September. Until then, I’ll be tinkering with the site, getting it primed for the inevitable onslaught.

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