Warning shots

Is there a positive side to the fact that Costco – in its endeavor to market to stressed out mothers of big families – brings out their holiday merchandise several months before the actual holiday? In the case of Halloween, it allows for sights like this in the month of July:

Of course I bought the skeleton. Why wouldn't I?
Of course I bought the skeleton. Why wouldn’t I?

I’m extremely excited that the very first hints of Halloween are already starting to appear. But it feels rather insane to be seeing it in July, and I also know that this skeleton, and those candles, will be long gone come early October. I think that’s a minor tragedy. But I guess Costco does deserve a little credit for being the early bird, and by the time October hits I’m so deeply immersed in Halloween it doesn’t even matter that this one store already has Christmas on the brain.

The important thing is, Halloween is just around the corner.

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