Update on Summer of Horror 2019 I've fallen a little behind...

Life, as they say, happens. And if you are a regular reader of this site you might have noticed an unusual dearth of new reviews of the Summer of Horror marathon. And that’s because, quite frankly, the marathon has not been happening by and large.

There is much to love about having children. Having lots of time to devote to your hobbies is not among them. I’ve been able to make it work to some degree so far, but this year things changed. Things always change. And I’m just simply behind. So when a moment happens when I get to choose between eating a meal, getting a few hours of desperately needed sleep, or watching Ghoulies, well… Let’s just say my devotion to retro horror has been tested.

I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m still committed to seeing Midsommer and Scary Stories somehow, and there will certainly be a smattering of reviews for older movies wherever I can fit them. But the viewing schedule will be sporadic, to say the least.

Onward to an increasingly distant-seeming Phase 1.

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