Trick or Treat

Well friends, it’s been a journey. From preliminary haunted house construction in the blistering July heat, to the pre-season rumblings and first pumpkin beers in August, to the thrill and euphoria of Phase I, the mad dash and scramble of Phase II, the Big Party… it’s all led us here.


And yet Halloween itself is such a small part of it for me. It’s like the coda. The resolution. It’s the post-credits teaser scene. I often think back on years past when things weren’t that way. When Halloween was October 31st, and that was the one night I looked forward to. I think about how nights of trick or treating evolved into nights of driving around aimlessly, observing the trick or treating. Then that gave way to Halloween house parties, then to bigger house parties. And eventually, well… here we are.

I keep wondering about the next form Halloween will take. The natural conclusion most people would come to is having children of our own and passing it all on to them, but I wonder if there will be a different phase between this one and that? Maybe the haunted house will become the centerpiece. Maybe we’ll finally get to spend a Halloween night out of the house. I’ve always wanted to visit a town that REALLY goes over the top with it. I don’t have any experience with Halloween celebrations bigger than the one I head up.

These past two months have been filled with so much fun, laughter, shrieks, anxiety, tears, anticipation, and euphoria, it almost has slowing effect on time itself. Memories have been made and lessons have been learned. Even friendships have been forged and deepened. I’ve started to both hear and recall little stories from the party, and it makes me realize the part I experienced personally was such a small slice. That’s a really good feeling.

Maybe things change between the months of November and August, but this is starting to feel like a true blue identity for me. The guy who creates a sphere of Halloween spirit that grows with each year and draws more people into it. That’s grandiose, but I hope it’s true to some degree. It connects to so many essential nodes of my personality – creativity, indulgence, hard work, nostalgia, personal relationships, memories. It’s supremely satisfying on many levels.

But out there, this day, this night, is all it is for most people. On this night my world and their world are finally one.

Happy Halloween, friends.

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