Third Ring Movie Delayed Again That juicy Halloween weekend is wide open!

They played the trailer for the third Ring movie, Rings, when I saw Blair Witch just the other night, replete with its firm OCTOBER 28 release date displayed ominously at the end. I complained about the tendency of movie studios to save their big horror release of the year until the very last Friday in October, effectively limiting the film’s appeal window to a single weekend. But this here is a pretty bad sign: Rings is now delayed to February.

The trailer didn’t blow my hair back, but I had a smidge of cautious optimism that it might be OK, given that the Ring movies are tough to market by nature. However, this movie is finished – has been for some time – and Paramount had what they stupidly consider the juiciest release date of the year for horror releases, and they delayed. Honestly, I can’t wrap my head around the marketing strategy here. I know that January and February are notorious dumping grounds for studios to release projects they have no faith in, but this news comes after Paramount already invested in the marketing for the Halloween release date. So who the hell knows?

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