The scaffolds are up….

On Tuesday night I stopped at Walgreens for some cold medicine. Walking to the pharmacy I passed the seasonal aisle. You know where this is going.

The summer fun times/back to school stuff had been mostly cleared out. Black and orange candy bags had started to stack up. And a very precious few decorative items had been brought out. The Walgreens Halloween aisle is under construction.

I actually had to force myself to look away for fear of letting Halloween out of the neat September-October box I’ve built for it. One thing that did catch my eye in that brief instant – Walgreens has always carried those “hanging ghoul” decorations, like the fellow shown here:

They’re little more than a foam rubber head and some bendable arms with a long cloak attached, but they make a good impact if used properly. Anyways, for a brief moment I caught movie monster versions of this – Freddy Krueger and possibly Jason. I can’t imagine why Jason would ever be suspended in the air with a long flowing cape, but with Freddy it makes sense. Freddy can do anything.

I’ve resolved not to set foot in a Walgreens until September 1st (I know, how will I last a whole four days?). I’d rather not spoil the joy any further. For some reason their Halloween section is always one of the best.

To eat meat, to eat flesh, it’s my destiny

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