The most fun you’ll ever have being scared

Just watched Creepshow (1982), one of the best in the woefully sparse genre of anthology horror movies. It was directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King, who also stars (and hams it up) in one of the stories in the film. I bought the DVD for 5 bucks, new, and as you can imagine based on the price it’s a little light on special features. I’m guessing this came out in those naive early days of DVD when “scene selection” was listed as a special feature. The one real extra on this disc is the theatrical trailer. I watched it just because, and it’s great! I love old trailers because they show how far the art of the teaser has come. They’re always a little awkward and disjointed. They often show scenes that spoil the movie the voiceover is always corny.

This trailer has all that and more, but it’s so great! Watching this makes me realize how authentic the trailers in Grindhouse were – this seems like one of them.

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