The hours

I can’t believe how close Halloween is already. I can feel its ghastly breath.

In past iterations of this blog I’ve observed (numerous times) how much more quickly time passes as an adult than it does as a kid. I really notice it around the holidays, because it coincides sadly with a change in the way I celebrate them. As a kid the important part of a holiday was the day itself, and it could never seem to come soon enough. The wait was agonizing. And as an adult, it’s all about the journey. I enjoy living in the season, while the day itself (be it Halloween or Christmas) is ever so fleeting. I wonder at what age the wait seemed perfectly timed. I think it was sometime in the teens. I wish I could go back in time to whatever that age would be and tell myself to appreciate it more. And also to stop wearing Nike shirts cuz it’s just not working.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I can start mourning Halloween next week. Now is the time for maximum celebration! Pumpkins will be carved tonight. Oh yes, they will be carved….

And for no better reason here’s the trailer for Return of the Living Dead, my favorite zombie movie.

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