The 2010 Halloween playlist

My fourth (and last?) annual Halloween playlist is now complete and digitally packaged for your consumption. To be clear, I have a running playlist in iTunes of all my Halloween music of over 100 songs. Each year I take around 20 of the best ones and make a CD of concentrated Halloween spirit designed to get people in the desired mood leading up to the day. That was the intended purpose, but as it turns out the only people who listen to it don’t need any help. Regardless….

I try to give it out to any willing (and some unwilling) recipients. Obviously I don’t sell these compilations because getting sued would be antithetical to my well-being.  But I will give you one if you so desire. As a matter of fact, I would be willing to mail them if need be. I swear they work, in the sense that if any small part of you wants to feel like you did as a kid on Halloween, this playlist will bring that out.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1) Zacherle – Halloween Hootenanny

2) Tyler Bates – Halloween Theme 2007

3) Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures – Transylvania Terror Train

4) AFI – Halloween (Misfits cover)

5) Panic at the Disco – This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas)

6) Danny Elfman – Beetlejuice Theme

7) Misfits – Monster Mash

8) Dead 60’s – Ghostface Killer

9) Living End – Beware the Moon

10)  Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures – Day of the Dead

11) Mad Sin – No More Trick or Treat

12) Green Day – Misery

13) Danny Elfman – Tales from the Crypt Theme

14) Murder by Death – Dead Men and Sinners

15) The Ghastly Ones featuring Rob Zombie – Halloween (She Gets so Mean)

16) Jonathan Coulton – RE: Your Brains

17) Misfits – Halloween

You’re dead all over

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