That New Chucky TV Series Chucky kills... on Halloween!

I love the Child’s Play series in spite of its many ups and downs. The original three were solid slashers with just the right dose of camp, and although they were R rated they were always most effective on kids – those with lax parents, obvi. Children typically have a small kernel of fear about their dolls possibly being alive. I don’t remember how old I was when I first saw the original, but I was young enough to be thoroughly horrified by the burned, melting Chucky still pursuing at the end.

Bride- and Seed of Chucky flipped the formula to become full comedies with slasher elements. Then the fading franchise was soft-rebooted with the Netflix movies Curse- and Cult of Chucky. The former a genuinely scary stealth sequel, the latter a cluttered, confusing mess that brought back the original Andy actor as an adult. I actually spoke with him a bit at a horror convention about this series back in 2017, when he revealed that TWO separate Chucky projects were in the works – one remake where Chucky is a “robot”, and a TV series that continues the “original” Chucky story. At the time, both of these stories seemed far-fetched, but both turned out to be 100% true!

Now we finally have an official trailer for the USA/SyFy series coming on October, and wouldn’t you know it? It takes place during Halloween! Scope it:

In its many years the Child’s Play series has never messed around with Halloween as a setting, but as you might predict I am PUMPED they’re doing it now. A Halloween-themed series releasing at the exact right time is a rare and exquisite treat.

Looks like Brad Dourif is back as Chucky. No surprise there since he’s as iconic in the role as Robert Englund playing Freddy. His lack of involvement ended up being a huge barrier to the success of the remake. The design of the doll also looks perfect, and I’ve been dreading the inevitable move to an all-CGI Chucky for years, but they’re still holding the line on practical effects here.

Oh, did I already mention this takes place on HALLOWEEN?

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