Target has entered the fray!

I’m very late with this one – at least a week late – but Target is now fully Halloweened.

I actually witnessed this over a week ago. I wondered what their “theme” would be. You see, since 2007 Target has always had a theme to their Halloween sections (besides, you know, Halloween itself). They had Domos, they had “Skelanimals”, whatever the hell those are, and this year they had…. weekends? Parties? I don’t know. It’s not as fully-realized as prior themes, which is actually fine with me. I don’t require seasonal Halloween aisles to have motifs. They only need to have cheesy spooky shit.

Which they do. Target has always been a step above most other stores of its kind. It’s still way ahead of Wal-Mart (though admittedly, I haven’t visited their Halloween section this year). It’s better than Walgreens’ Halloween aisle technically but Walgreens gets the edge for being a much smaller store and still insisting on bringing it every September. Anyways, the merch is pretty standard fare this year. There wasn’t anything dramatically different. And I have to say, having only been to one Target this Halloween, the one I visited seemed a tad bit sparse, even right in the beginning. Might be my imagination.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure and highlight this particular find.

Hanging Ominous Mummy.

I am in love with that title. Think about it for a moment – they could have easily titled this Hanging Mummy. But somebody in marketing insisted on the word “ominous”. It’s great. Completely unnecessary macabre imagery is the very essence of Halloween. I don’t know if this is a sure purchase, but the name alone makes me consider it. The picture doesn’t convey the size well. It’s actually about three feet tall, and made of rubber, not styrofoam.

Phase II is agonizingly close. Make no mistake, there will be a proper post commemorating the occasion. The day where I truly lose my shit. Buckle up.

Trick, trick, trick or treat. Open up the door give me what I need

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