Tales of Halloween Review

Tales of Halloween

Ahh, October. The one month of the year Halloween fanatics can indulge in all the horror and the macabre they want without being branded weirdos by the straight public. It’s a wonderful time of year.

Full disclosure: Among my circle of friends, I am “the Halloween guy,” to say the absolute least about the matter. I also love anthology horror films. So I go into this review of Tales of Halloween with a heavy bias. You’ve been warned.

The 10 (well, 11) directors that teamed up for Tales of Halloween have dubbed themselves The October Society, and they’ve crafted a Halloween tribute that wears their love of the spooky holiday on its tattered, bloody sleeve. Each and every one of the 10 tales in this movie are soaked in Halloween’s spirit, tropes, and color palette. You would think that with 10 cooks in this kitchen, the overall film would feel somewhat disjointed, with different directorial styles competing. But remarkably, the film’s visual style is quite consistent even as its content varies in tone…

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