Tales of Halloween is Finally Getting a Proper Home Release And it is Packed!

Tales of Halloween was a delight for me. A multi-director horror anthology revolving around Halloween, it would pretty much have had to try to suck to get me to not at least like it. Fortunately, it did not suck, and had enough charm and mischief to potentially become an annual viewing tradition.

Early this year I started keeping my eyes peeled for a home video release, and oddly the only things that kept coming up were foreign, bare-bones DVD and Blu-ray releases that implied a “real” release some time down the line. That day has now come. September 13th (PERFECT timing) will bring us a ridiculously awesome Blu-ray release of Tales of Halloween, including the feature film on Blu-ray and DVD, the usual behind the scenes featurettes/galleries/commentaries, a CD of the soundtrack to the movie, and most exciting of all, a collection of additional short films by several of the same directors. This set, simply put, is a treasure trove. 


See all the deets over at Halloweendailynews.com

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