Summer of Horror

I’ve long thought of myself as a “film geek without the cred”. That is, I have a passion for movies (or cinema, or films, whichever term suits your fancy), but have some rather glaring holes in my first-hand experience. I could go into how my parents passed down to me a tendency to watch the same few movies repeatedly rather than experience new ones, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, as the kind of person who would craft a persona around Halloween, to the point at which he’d maintain a website devoted to it, there are a lot of essential horror movies I haven’t seen.

It’s really pretty shameful, if I’m being honest. In fact, I am renegging on my initial plan to publish the full list in favor of a gradual reveal. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


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This Summer, I’m teaming up with my brother (who has his own horror movie review site over at TheCrimsonRoast) to fill all of the most egregious gaps in our collective horror movie knowledge. The plan is to complete the list of “required viewing” for any aspiring horror aficionado by watching one to three films per week throughout the Summer. Currently on the docket are around 30 classic and new classic horror films ranging across every era. While I think it would be folly to post the entire list now, as it’s sure to grow and change as the project progresses, I feel somewhat comfortable divulging the categories – each of which contains 2 to 4 films:

  • The 1920’s
  • Universal Classics
  • SciFi
  • Zombie Movies
  • Ghost Stories
  • Demons/Possession
  • Monster Movies
  • Psychopaths

While this is going on, we both plan to pop into our respective websites from time to time and reflect on what we’ve seen. Personally I plan to do “mini-reviews” of every film on the list, grouped together in the aforementioned categories.

So there’s the plan. Anybody who knows us personally and feels like kicking off their Halloween season way, WAY early (or is just in the mood for a little horror schooling) is welcome to join us for any of these viewings. I will cross post the weekly film(s) here and on Facebook as often as possible.

First up is 1922’s Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror….

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