Summer of Horror Wrapup As Phase 1 nears, I look back on a successful Summer horror marathon

I’ve been doing this Summer of Horror thing for eight years now, and one thing has always been consistent: I never fully complete my planned watch list. Life – and frankly, ambivalence – just gets in the way of me viewing a handful of movies that I know belong in my repertoire. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that for the very first time, I completed my entire watch list!

Disclaimer: Two titles, Possession and Salem’s Lot, were substituted for Crawl and The Empty Man due to availability challenges.

Reviews have obviously been trickling out on this site for the whole Summer, but I didn’t actually take the time to review every single one. When I didn’t feel compelled to try to add anything to the discourse of these movies, I didn’t. But since this is the first completed Summer of Horror marathon, I shall carry through that satisfying sense of completion by at least rating the ones I didn’t review:

Christine (1983)  5/10

Maniac (1980)   8/10

Don’t Breathe (2016)   8/10

The Empty Man (2020)   6/10

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