Summer of Horror: Wrap up, We Are Still Here Another Summer of Horror comes to a close on the verge of Phase I

Well, that’s it! Another Summer of Horror marathon in the can. The quickness with which three months flies by is just… kind of scarier than the movies themselves. But that’s alright, because the end of a Summer of Horror is a joyous event – the start of Halloween season!

Just as it is every year, I didn’t get to every movie on my schedule. Poor Abominable Dr. Phibes gets snubbed once again. I really wanted to finally catch Cube and The Cell. And Mike Dougherty’s Krampus is just gonna have to wait until November? Since it’s Christmas horror? We’ll see.

On the other hand, this was far and away my most consistent and thorough Summer of HorrorĀ since the first one. 16 movies! Pretty good streak if you ask me. And several newly discovered gems peppered throughout the list. And rest assured: the horror movie viewing (and reviewing) will only increase through the next two months as we move towards Halloween. There will just be more of an abundance of movies I’ve already seen about 10,000 times.Ā 

We Are Still Here

We are still here

This is one of those critically acclaimed horror films I heard the name of, and the buzz about, but never really read about what the movie IS. And I’m grateful for that, because it turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of the whole Summer.

Barbara Crampton of Re-Animator fame plays one half of an older couple grieving the accidental death of their adult son. To bring some much-needed peace and stability to their lives they move to an old country house in the middle of nowhere, and right away strange things start occurring…

This straightforward premise would appear to set up an equally straightforward and predictable haunted house movie, but it’s got much, much more up its sleeve. Earlier I said I was grateful not to have researched this movie before I watched it, and with that established I would prefer that any interested parties go into the film the same way. Apologies to the friends who would rather read about horror movies than actually watch them, but this one I don’t want to spoil.

It’s not that the movie relies on a plot twist either. It’s just that it starts out the way you’d expect – like a slow-burn, atmospheric haunted house movie, and then goes into territories far beyond the usual genre limits. It is, quite simply, an awesome ghost movie. Watch it now on Netflix before it’s gone.

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