Summer of Horror: Veronica Solid but conventional haunted house flick

Ya know, how about we all just agree right now never to advertise a film as “one of the scariest movies ever made”. Maybe that gimmick gets asses into seats, and is therefore justified, but it also hobbles the response to the movie, to the point where audiences felt the urge to backlash against Hereditary (actually one of the scariest movies ever) almost as soon as it came out. Hype can kill a movie just as easily as anything.

So, Veronica. Although I myself didn’t see any of the aforementioned marketing, I did start hearing about the movie in various internet film circles and noticed the tone of reviews raising an eyebrow at the exaggerated claims to its scariness. And it turns out that Veronica is really nothing more than a competent, entertaining, and wholly conventional “don’t mess with the occult” horror movie.

I mean, the plot is set in motion by three teen girls using a Ouija board during an eclipse. Making this the second movie in one Summer of Horror to use that framework.

So yes, there’s nothing revolutionary about the plot, production value or level of scariness here, but it’s still a very good (and currently Netflix-available) Spanish language horror film. It reminded me very much of the original REC, though not found footage, and sure enough I later read that one of the co-creators of that franchise was behind this one. There are some really memorable scares, creepy visuals, good acting and effects work, and overall nothing that will make you roll your eyes.

And that’s all I got to say about that.

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