Summer of Horror: PG – Psycho Goreman Funniest movie of the year?!

I almost didn’t want to write this review. All I knew about Psycho Goreman (PG for short) going in was that it was gory, funny, and getting pretty stellar reviews. And that’s kind of the perfect amount of knowledge to have in advance – which is to say, none. But there are many who need to have some expectations set in order to sit down and commit to a whole movie, so here’s the premise:

A perfectly cheesy opening text/narration informs us that thousands of years ago, a genocidal alien warlord was imprisoned via magical amulet in a far-off, dark corner of the universe, which of course, turns out to be Earth. In present day, two young siblings are horsing around in their backyard, end up digging a giant hole, and discover the amulet, which releases the imprisoned “Arbiter of Nightmares”. When the younger of the two kids – bossy, sassy Mimi – finds out that possession of the amulet grants her dominion over the terrifying monster, they re-christen him “Psycho Goreman” and treat him as their own personal plaything, unfazed by his frequent threats to murder them both and maybe all of humanity for good measure.

This movie is such a scrappy, punk rock, DIY mishmash of influences and genres that it’s well worth sitting down and just discovering them for yourself. It weaponizes its low budget to add oodles of charm to every scene. There’s a little CGI, but most of the memorable alien effects are goofy, rubbery costumes that are funny enough to simply look at, before the absurd dialogue kicks in. Just from the top of my head, if asked to provide a “X meets X” type of elevator pitch, I’d say it’s Monster Squad meets Power Rangers meets Hellraiser meets Gwar. Yeah.

The comedy is truly tremendous. In fact, should this movie reach the cult status it very much deserves, I can see it becoming an all-time quotable. And even with so much gore and viscera and absurdity bursting from every frame, it even manages to retain a little bit of genuine heart.

Discover this one for yourself on Shudder.

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