Summer of Horror: Mandy METAL

I’ve never seen anything like Mandy before. You’ve never seen anything like Mandy before. This is a film stylized to within an inch of its life and so utterly WEIRD, bonkers, and unrestrained that I feel obligated to lead with that information so nobody is led astray. If you think you’re ready to handle what’s basically a sustained acid trip of a movie, then dive right in.

To talk about the story would be only distraction. The selling point of this movie is the atmosphere. Much in the same way Mad Max Fury Road seemed like the film itself was constructed straight out of dirt, smoke, flames and gas, Mandy feels like its very DNA is blood, fire, spikes and teeth. And the color red. It is, without a doubt, the most Metal movie I’ve ever seen. Nic Cage forges a long, pointy axe that looks like the Celtic Frost logo. There’s a chainsaw duel. There are orc-like monsters riding motorcycles. The antagonist cult isn’t Satanic, but Christian, inspired by the Manson family.

This is a Shudder exclusive produced by SpectreVision, a genre imprint dedicated to Weird cinema. I don’t know whether I’d call it “horror”. There’s horrific stuff in here but I don’t know that any of it is scary. Again, it’s more like what a death metal band sings about. In fact, I noted that if Glenn Danzig were a competent filmmaker, this might be the kind of movie he’d make instead of Verotika (oh boy, just WAIT till we get to that one).

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