Summer of Horror 2021 Sheltering in place (from Arizona heat) with some horror movies!

As much as I loathe to admit it, Summer is just about here in the Valley of the Oppressive, Retina-Searing Sun. So, as always, to make the best out of a five month long “season” in which “outside” is a thoroughly unsurvivable state of affairs, I have queued up 20-odd horror movies that I’ve never seen to watch, review, and post on le mediĆ” sociale. And I’m calling it Summer of Horror.

Since I’m proud to say that the majority of the signed-and-sealed classics have now been attended to in previous Summers of Horror, this year’s list leans heavily on newer movies I missed, and a couple that have yet to even come out. A handful of these will be treated as ad hoc Double Features, such as Village of the Damned and Children of the Corn (evil kids), The Reef and The Shallows (sharks), and Possession and Possessor (self-explanatory). That aside, there’s no theme and no rhyme or reason.

I’m most excited about The Conjuring 3 (The Devil Made Me Do It), The Lighthouse, Psycho Goreman, and His House. But I’m also very much looking forward to sweeping up a few titles that have lingered on past Summer of Horror lists for multiple years, like Salem’s Lot and Videodrome and the ultimate MVP of horror movies I keep saying I’ll watch but never do, Audition (this is the year, y’all!).

So follow along with me on this here website if you are a sophisticated man or woman of leisure, or on Instagram, for the unwashed millennial masses. It’s bound to be a hot, bloody, occasionally sexy time.

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