Summerrrrr offff Horrrrrooorrrrrr!!! Year #4

Someday, I’ll think of a roundabout way to loop in Winter and Spring events that complete this chain leading up to Halloween, and my whole year will be covered.

June. In Phoenix, this is the month where we all resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll never again be not sweating unless we’re either submerged in water or in another city, for 5 months. This Summer of Horror thing didn’t start out as a way for me to cope with the psychological trauma of our weather, but it’s become that in a sense. The true goal is to make large strides in my personal horror film XP level. The fact that this is something you only do indoors is a bonus.

This year for the first time (I think), I’m posting my watchlist ahead of time. Not just because I felt compelled to make a pointless graphic for it, but as a way to maybe kind of keep myself on track. In the past, I’ve let certain movies slip through the cracks simply because they seemed like homework (there’s a few on this list that were supposed to be covered in year one), and I don’t want that to happen again. Make no mistake, this list WILL change. I won’t get around to every single movie, and I’ll likely add/replace some as I go. But I’ll try to stick to the plan.

Here it is!

Summer of Horror 2016 List

I’m embarrassed about a few of these being on here, because it means I’ve never seen them. But there’s less embarrassment than in years past! Progress!┬áIf you want to join in on any of these viewings, and, uh… I know you, I’d be thrilled! Just tell me, “I want in on ___________” and I’ll try to arrange it for a night that works for you.

Festivities kick off tomorrow night with Annabelle. And think, by the time the credits roll on the last of these movies, we’ll be on the doorstep of Halloween Phase 1! Let’s see… 24 movies… 8 per month… two a week. Doable.

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