Summer of Horror 2015

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My hair caught fire when I stepped out into the sunlight this afternoon, so I know another Phoenix Summer has heralded its arrival (even if it doesn’t officially begin until Sunday – bollocks, I say).

Another Summer means, well, many things to many people. But for me ONE of those things, one of the very exciting things, is Summer of Horror. This will be my third year in a row of gritting my teeth, cranking up the A/C, and settling in for some horror movies to slowly ease my way into another Halloween season. As always, the purpose is to catch myself up on some of the more notable and/or historic horror films that one might consider essential viewing for any horror hound, but I’m delighted to say that in the past two iterations of this, nearly all of the true essentials have been dealt with. I’m certainly not claiming to have seen every culturally significant horror movie, but I’m far enough along in the process to allow for more branching out into the realms of the modern and the obscure.

This year’s list will be a totally mixed bag, similar to last year. No themes, no eras, just whatever horror films I’ve felt compelled to get under my belt (and whatever ones I can rope my brothers into viewing with me) – three reviews at a time, as the gods intended.

So if you please, prepare to come along on this journey with me, and to pass judgment upon me for the utterly iconic horror films I, proprietor of I Remember Halloween dot Net, had managed not to see. Fortunately, that shame list is getting shorter and shorter.

By the time it’s all over, we’ll be there. Halloween 2015. It’s gonna be a spooky good time!

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