Summer. Of. Horror. This is - wait, what season is this?

Holy shit, you guys. Holy shit!

The following is 100% true. This morning I got to work, started getting my affairs in order, and at a certain point needed to write down the precise date. June 1st, OK…

“Wait. June? Like it’s June of two thousand eighteen now?” This is a thought I literally had. “Why, that means…”


Yes, apparently it is actually Summer, at least in the colloquial sense. And because I spent most of my day marinating in my own sweat and questioning whether my thermostat was displaying the correct temperature in my home, that must mean it’s Summer of Horror. The way that I cope with living in an environment not suitable to sustain life for three- fuck it, five months – let’s call it like it is. But for our purposes, the following three months will be lightly dedicated to a Summer-long horror movie viewing marathon comprised solely of movies I have not yet seen. It started as a way to become acquainted with all the classics I had missed in one big swoop, and now, six years later, it’s become a grab bag of both new and old, plugging the gaps in my horror movie repertoire with essentials, cult hits, personal recommendations, and whatever else seems worth the digital rental.

My shock at it actually being Summer again was completely genuine. I literally wasn’t prepared to face this when it arrived. Thus, the following watch list is what I would charitably call a “first draft”. The big ones I failed to scoop up in prior years have rolled over, joined by a few notable omissions, some highly rated semi-obscure fare, and even a couple recent theatrical releases. The keen eyed among you may even notice I included a movie that hasn’t even come out yet on here – Hereditary – which early buzz indicates may become 2018’s second big horror hit (after A Quiet Place, also on the list). It’s sheer foolish optimism on my part, putting a theatrical release in the Summer of Horror queue, but let’s see what happens. My free time is, to put it lightly, a bit more limited these days.

With sufficient rambling out of the way, and with the standard disclaimer that this list is very much subject to change as the Summer progresses, here’s the Watch List:

See you on the Reviews page!

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