Summer of Anticipation Or, why Back to School means Halloween

It’s funny (slash sad, slash disturbing) how my annual Halloween rituals have become so numerous, so far-reaching, that I start to connect events that take place in the beginning of Summer with the coming of Halloween. Case in point: Summer of Horror. 

Case in another point: Today I was at Target, and walking by the seasonal section, which is still full of adirondack chairs, barbecues and patio umbrellas, I noticed one aisle being cleared out and a single cart of school supplies within. I know what that means – Back to School. And setting aside my child’s mind and the foreboding terror of even thinking about school this early in the Summer, I know Back to School as the last seasonal reset before Halloween. Even seeing school supplies at THAT area of the store makes me think of that time in late August when I’ll find an excuse to wander by the seasonal aisle and see… well, school supplies, but ALSO the very first signs of Halloween creeping in.

But that’s not even the first warning shot, not by a mile. Before then, I’ll be grocery shopping and look at the Home & Garden magazines in the checkout aisle, and there will be a Jack O Lantern there. Before THAT, I’ll be at Costco and I’ll see a skull or a giant spider or whatever Halloween thing they sell that year. And if I have any reason whatsoever to go into an At Home decor store after about mid-July, oh you can bet there’ll be a Jack O Lantern there, along with giant gaudy inflatables, styrofoam tombstones and every other manner of Halloween decoration, because they’ve got the square footage to roll that shit out EARLY.

I’m sorry for all the caps. You can see how these thoughts rev me up.

So while I do lament the acceleration of time I experience year after year, and always feel like I could use more time away from Halloween stuff before the next one rolls around, I also can’t avoid looking forward to it every year.

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