Summer of Horror 2017 Rising Temperatures Are Scaaaaarrryyyyy

We’re here again! Yet another wind-swept, sun-bleached inferno of an Arizona Summer has officially arrived, and for me that means staying indoors and watching horror movies.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for five years already. To get everyone up to speed, Summer of Horror is a three month long horror movie marathon I partake in every year, watching and reviewing 15 or so horror films spread throughout the season. From the beginning, my intent with this project has been threefold:

  1. Give myself a way to look forward to the dreadful Phoenix Summer
  2. Have an excuse to incorporate Halloween stuff into my life before September without feeling guilty
  3. Fill in some of the more embarrassing gaps in my horror movie knowledge

Mission accomplished so far. I love that Summer of Horror gives me something to focus on and work towards that transitions me gently into the proper Halloween season, and forcing myself to stick to a list has introduced me to countless iconic horror films that never found their way into my life before.

So without further waxing, I present… THE SUMMER OF HORROR 2017 WATCH LIST

The dedicated among you may notice a few of these titles have been carried over from previous years. Dr. Phibes, Cube, and Suspiria have been lingering on these lists for several years now, never getting ticked off for one reason or another (primarily availability). This year, I finally hope to address all three.

There are movies in here I’m very excited to see. Like this year’s Big Spring Horror Hit, Get Out; Korean cult zombie flick Train to Busan, and “by the director of The Strangers” – The Monster. As always, I won’t manage to get to every single one of these, and substitutions are practically inevitable. But we will see where the Summer takes us.

First reviews will be up… when I have watched three movies! Happy Summer of Horror, friends.

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