Summer of Horror 2014!!!

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I’m starting to get sick of saying the words, “I can’t believe it’s here already”, but it’s the truest thing that comes to mind at times like this.

It’s Summer, which officially begins on Saturday, but has begun in the hearts of Phoenix residents like myself the day we had to keep running the air conditioning through the middle of the night. We will not know the state of not-hot until roughly October. But that’s OK (kind of), because I have Summer of Horror!

The bigger, bloodier sequel to last year’s Summer-long horror movie marathon, Summer of Horror 2014 will continue my own horror film education with more bonafide classics, cult classics, modern masterpieces, and obscure curiosities. Like last year, I will review every movie I watch on this site, grouped into threes. Unlike last year, I will not be attempting to put them into tidy categories, nor do I plan to follow any chronology or logical order. The movies will be watched in whatever time frame and order is most convenient. I also want to involve more collaborators this year, and make it more of a group project. So if you know me (and if you’re reading this site, odds are you do), and want to join in on the fun, the more the merrier. I will try to announce which films I’m planning to watch in advance.

If you will permit a small amount of back-patting, I’m rather fond of this new Halloween tradition. Scope creep though it may be, it feels to me like an organic way to slowly ramp into the Halloween season, which takes the torch promptly at the passing of Summer. Before we know it, Costco will be rolling out their annual one or two Halloween props, way too early. Then Michael’s will jump in and all hell breaks loose. It may come too quickly every year, but I still can’t wait.

Let the Summer of Horror commence…

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