Start Again (A Phase I Celebration Post)

Trick or Treat

I’ve been doing this for a long time.

“This” being writing about Halloween’s gradual approach into all our lives, its subsequent revelries and traditions. And of course, ramblings about how I happen to celebrate it for 60 whole days. Every year, I try to think of new ways to word this part – this day one kickoff of “Halloween season” – and every year it gets a little tougher. Mainly, it’s because my memory of the previous Halloween is so present and so vivid, the disbelief that it’s here again, already, is so strong.

Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about it last year:

“It’s the juxtaposition of macabre and jovial, and of youth and adulthood. Death putting a mirror up to life, making us all remember how precious it is. It’s the official beginning of the holiday season – the time when almost everybody, if they’re so inclined, gets to experience that feeling of life being generally better and more fun for a couple months.”

I think that’s a pretty good way to say it, I guess. I don’t remember writing it, nor do I remember that the Spirit stores were already running at full capacity on September 1st! So of course, I had to go scope out that action… 

Spirit 2015
Fuck. Yes.

So what’s new at Spirit this year? Well, this store wasn’t quite 100% stocked yet (I tend to be the kind of person that witnesses this stage), but there seem to be two themes going on in-store. The big front display is a swamp theme with blue and green “liquid” spotlights, hermit shacks, and awesome dead trees that are molded plastic rather than flat cardboard. In the back, they had a creepy subway station theme displaying their full size animatronics. Both pretty cool, uncommon horror themes. Their marketing team did a nice job.

Apart from that, they had an endcap dedicated to Ouija board paraphernalia, more creepy dolls, some awesome crawling legless zombie animatronics under $100… and I was happy to see that while they still had zombie babies, they weren’t going nuts with them like the past couple years. Instead, the thing now seems to be animal skeletons. There were cats, dogs, birds, spiders (nonsensically), and two sizes of rat. I’ve witnessed older matronly types call these things “cute” before, so I guess I’m the weird one for not getting this trend.

I didn’t buy anything, and don’t plan to. But I find that no Halloween passes without at least one Spirit purchase from me. So I’ll be back, 20% off coupon in hand.

Tonight, the decorations come down. There will once again be more boxes than I remember, and they will once again be dragged into the living room, opened, and their contents splayed about for our perusal. There will be things I don’t even remember having that will bring me delight. And as the strains of The Nightmare Before Christmas serenade us in the background, we will start hang, pin, and tape ghoulish decor from every corner of the house. Pumpkin beer on my lips, and fire in my heart.

I can never believe it’s already here, and I still can’t wait for it all to unfold. Happy Halloween everybody. 2015 is going to be simply monstrous.

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