Spirit Seal Broken

I’ve stamped my calendar for September 8th – the day I first walked into a Spirit Halloween store in 2012.

So this picture’s a little deceiving. This is actually the second Spirit store I went to today, but the first one was disappointingly thin. Much smaller than a normal Spirit and too costume-heavy. I’m there for the decor, man.

Not every Spirit store is even open yet and the ones that are are not running at 100% capacity. There were still displays being constructed at this one, but nearly everything was out. They have a lot of new animatronics on display, which I had no qualms about testing out and generating a cacophony of synthesized roars, screams, and cackles. Let this be a warning to any Spirit employees out there Рif you fail to create an appropriate atmosphere in your store by playing good Halloween music (this one was silent), I will make my own soundtrack with your animatronic displays. You will not enjoy it. Remember that.

Today I was merely casing the joint – I didn’t buy anything. But I’m putting together a shopping list, and soon you’ll see me walking out of one of these places with a big bag full of rubber body parts and skulls, and I’ll be smiling.

I think my number one favorite part about going to the Halloween store is seeing small children attempting to flee, eyes covered. They just can’t handle it. I wish there were Spirit stores when I was a lad….

This wasn’t the only Halloween-related thing I did today. I swung back into Total Wine for another round of The Quest for Pumpkin Beer 2012. Actually, I meant only to re-stock on Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale, but as you can see, my impulsiveness got the better of me:

That big bottle is a NEW pumpkin beer! The second one I’ve found this year, and it’s only early September! It cost me a pretty penny though, and at a mere 6%ABV, I’m hoping it’s good. If nothing else, I’ve got another fantastic bottle to add to the collection. There’ll be a full review of it soon, of course. I’m nothing if not compliant.

I want your skulls, I need your skulls

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