So much fun it’s scary

Notice the S from Shoe Pavilion peeking out behind the banner. Classy.

So here we are. I managed to restrain myself for two whole additional days this year!

They were still unpacking but a great deal of the goodies were out and neatly organized. Early in the season is the best time to go to a Halloween store because product is plentiful and the employees are still able to keep everything from devolving into a chaotic mess as families do their best to bring the place down from the inside.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was fairly busy this early on. Arriving, I thought a popular event of some kind was occurring next door because the small parking lot was full. But nope, to my shock I’m not the only person who’s ready for Summer to make way for Halloween. I noticed a couple browsing in the decor aisle and discussing possible decorating ideas. That put a smile on my face. Sadly, there was once again a major atmosphere deficiency. Some radio station was playing instead of a “spooky sounds” mix or even one of those dreadful Halloween music compilations full of cut-rate cover songs. The place was far too brightly lit as well. Ah well, some of their bigger, more impressive displays were still under construction so it will get better.

The majority of the product on display was familiar to me, but there was about the usual ratio of new items. Just making laps around the store I was getting inspiration all over the place. It’s hard for me to remember years ago when Spirit first arrived in AZ, how shabby the whole thing was. The product was of much lower quality which made the already-high prices seem absolutely criminal. Around this same time Halloween Express was arriving on the scene trying to carve out its slice. I remember noting that the prices there were even worse than Spirit but the merch was of better quality. How things have changed. I wish Halloween Express had seen the success to be able to up their game and compete with Spirit. How great would that be? Sadly Halloween Express has been reduced to a single store that carts out the same (literally) decaying product year after year and always seeming on the verge of closing shop. Come to think of it, I’m not even certain they’re opening again this year. Their website doesn’t acknowledge the existence of any stores in Arizona. The sign is still up though, I’ll have to check it out.

Back to the subject. Another thing I noticed was that there seem to be more officially licensed costumes now. I remember a few years ago Spirit used to be chock full of “Pop Star” and “70’s News Man” and “60’s Swinger” costumes. Now there’s an actual Michael Jackson section. Also a Charlie Sheen section. Yes, a Charlie Sheen section. I saw a bunch of officially licensed Scream products as well.

Will this be the year I finally pull the trigger and get me a zombie baby? I always thought it would be perfect for the bathroom. Also, the bloody shower curtain. Why haven’t I gotten this before? Bubble fogger? Kinda childish but I defy you to be in the presence of one without feeling a high amount of simple joy in popping those bubbles and seeing a little poof of fog come out. I have so many skulls now I’m out of things to do with them, but I still get the urge to buy them every time. Actually I always liked the idea of having a small table with just a big pile of skulls on it.

This will not be my only trip to the Spirit store. Obviously.

I made another stop after Spirit, but the spoils of this trip will be revealed later. Since I’ve more or less accidentally committed to posting something every day this Halloween season, I gotta ration my content. It’s good though, I really can’t wait to talk about it!

The blood quench the hunger

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