Silent Valley Mental Asylum Contribute to our fourth annual neighborhood garage haunt!

With Halloween season nipping fast at our heels, this seems like a good time to talk about the centerpiece of the whole damn holiday (for me) – the haunted house.

Building a garage haunt and opening it up for all to enjoy on Halloween night – for free – is the culmination of a childhood dream I honestly didn’t expect to ever come true. And now here we are, about to do it for the fourth year in a row. Just like the Halloween party, the goal is always to make the haunted house a little bigger and better each year.

This year we’re going with a classic theme – the insane asylum. Sticking with the “Silent Valley” branding we started last year, the name is Silent Valley Mental Asylum, and it’s gonna be nuts (pun intended). The total square footage is increasing by about 60%, and it will feature a padded cell, vertical scares, optical illusions, and of course several live actors who love to scare.

Silent Valley Mental Asylum

While it’s undeniably worth everything that goes into it, building a haunted house like this is a pretty big burden. I’ve never been comfortable asking for money, but it’s a necessary evil I have to commit in order to make this experience memorable for hundreds of kids and a not-small number of adults. If you’ve ever walked through or participated in an independent haunted house, you know how much delight they bring to both sides of it.

Just like last year, we have some tantalizing perks lined up for anyone who chooses to donate. Please take a look at our GoFundMe page and see what tickles your fancy.

See you on Halloween!

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