September, The Hottest Halloween Halloween. 2018. Phase 1.

I’m running out of ways to say it: The flow of time is all messed up now. Could it really be September yet again? Well, it must be, judging by this:

Schlafly pumpkin beers

And this:

At Home Decor Halloween aisle

It’s really happening, folks. Are you ready? Am I? 

Here in Phoenix Arizona it’s still well over 100 degrees during the daytime in September, and night offers little relief. The three months of blistering Summer heat becomes quite literally baked into the concrete here and provides a very unwelcome additional warmth that mother nature alone would normally have let up on by now. So even though I’ve lived here nearly all my life, it’s still weird to be seeing jack o’ lanterns and bats and cardboard moons and skeletons popping up while the Summer is still very much alive in my own melting skin.

And yet, September – Phase I – has become my favorite part of the Halloween fracas, maybe my favorite part of the whole year. Holidays, after all, are really all about the anticipation. Halloween is no different; it’s just that people like you and me expend quite a few more calories in the act of anticipation than most. At no time is the anticipation more exciting than September. You get to see the season taking shape right in front of your eyes. Spirit stores opening, decorations getting unboxed, candy presence multiplying exponentially, and that unmistakable air of change with not just Halloween on the horizon, but the entire end of year exhale of the holidays. It all starts here.

This year on I Remember Halloween (dot net), I’m… not doing anything all that different. I’d love to be able to announce some ambitious website-based project to tantalize both of my readers, but to be honest putting on a large Halloween party, building a haunted house, making music compilations, decorating the entire house, coming up with a costume, and continually updating this blog are ambitious enough when you have a child. You can, however, expect a semi-steady stream of content over the next two months including horror movie reviews, pumpkin beer reviews, tributes to the iconography of Halloween, a three-part series on Halloween music, and more.

Since I’m not all that good with outros, all that’s left to do is once again type these immortal words…

Bonfires burning bright
Pumpkin faces in the night
I remember Halloween

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