Ride with the Moon in the Dead of Night This is Halloween (Phase 1), This is Halloween (Phase 1)

Here and now, at the official kickoff day of Halloween season 2019, I would like to make a stupidly personal announcement: I will no longer devote these Season kickoff posts to talking about how shocked I am that another Halloween has already arrived. Because it’s abundantly clear to me now that the problem is only getting worse for me, and it’s tiresome to continue to speak of it.

So this will be the last time!

Two thousand nineteen is the first year I can speak of that I became legitimately caught unawares that Halloween season had arrived. Part of that had to do with several traditional holiday staples arriving in the public space with unprecedented haste. The first pumpkin beers arrived at the very beginning of August. Grocery store jack o’ lantern displays popped up the same weekend. And, in a most startling turn, Spirit Halloween stores open in the second week of that month. That, my friends, is INSANE.

Halloween is ascending in popularity, and it’s becoming more acceptable to devote months to something that’s technically only meant to last a day. Now, even my two month marathon of revelry has become eclipsed by creeping commerce. This is good news, but it freaks me out. I have a lot of preparation to do!

That’s not your problem, of course. All YOU have to worry about is how to celebrate Halloween in the manner that best suits your own life. My job as I see it is to try to assist you however I can through a meager web site. So let’s get to it!

First things first: Over there in the sidebar you will see a Spotify playlist called Halloween Haunted Hits. I feel very strongly about Halloween music, what it is and what it isn’t, and these curated tracks represent just some of what I collected over about 11 years. Spotify doesn’t have all of it, but that’s a good place to start to get in the mood.

Speaking of music, my annual Compact Disc playlist is complete and available now wherever you happen to see me lurking around. Here’s the cover art and track list:

Another good place to go is the archives on this very site. But since there’s… a lot there, I’d like to direct you to the Featured Articles page for kind of a Greatest Hits experience. Go nuts.

For the rest of the month, expect sporadic updates (of course) about Halloween iconography appearing in more and more public spaces, and if I’m lucky, some actual high-quality content for you to digest. Wish me luck.

Oh, and…


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