R.I.P. Halloween 2011

The little dead are back in their graves. The jack o’ lanterns have withered and become moldy. No one is in the mood for candy. Another Halloween is now behind us.

I would characterize this one as “spectacular”. We really stuffed this one full, possibly even too full. It got the point where, for the first time ever, I started feeling a slight tickling of what one might call “burn out”. Don’t take that the wrong way, I didn’t actually burn out, but after the party was over I felt ready to leave it behind me, even though the literal Halloween was still impending. However, on Halloween night itself I was reinvigorated. When it came time to shut down all the orange and green lights and call it a night, it was as bittersweet as always.

Time for a stats sheet:

Date of first Halloween 2011-related post: July 1st
Actual kickoff date of my Halloween celebration: September 1st
Horror movies watched: 28
Horror movies watched for the first time: 16
Haunted house visits: 3
Costco bags of candy given out on Halloween: 2, but it wasn’t enough
Skull-shaped lights lining our front walkway: 20
Tombstones in backyard: 11
Colored lightbulbs installed in house: 12
Types of pumpkin beer tasted: 15!
Number of total pumpkin beers consumed: Unknown
Trips to Halloween stores: 18
Tombstones knocked over by the end of the party, despite being staked in: 3
People passed out in graveyard at the end of the party: 1 (me)

Can’t argue with raw data. The main course of Halloween – the party – was undoubtedly our best ever. It definitely had the most work put into it so I’m extremely pleased that it paid off. But I have to express a thought that I also expressed last year, and possibly the year before that: At what point will it become impossible to top the previous year’s party? I don’t mean to brag – it’s not just our efforts that make it what it is. The actual people who attend, and get excited to do so, bring the party, we just provide the venue.

For all the party pics, please check out the Halloweens Past page

I’ve always thought that the year I can’t honestly say that the Halloween party was better than the previous one, that will be the last time I throw it, in the current incarnation. I guess that means we’ve got at least one more in us. However, there’s also a childhood dream I’ve been meaning to fulfill, which has been on my mind more and more lately.

Haunted house.

As a trick or treater, home brew haunted houses were the holy grail, and I didn’t feel like a Halloween was a complete success unless I stumbled upon one of these. We almost always did, but sometimes we’d have to go far. I vowed that when I was old enough to have my own house, I’d be the one to bring the haunted house to my neighborhood. This is the closest thing I have to believing in destiny.

They are very short and simple by haunted attraction standards of course. Maybe three passageways built into a garage, 3 or 4 volunteers popping out to scare you, and some spooky atmospheric sound effects and fog. Besides the structural components of the maze itself, we already have everything we’d need. It’s just a matter of execution. If we decided to do this, I believe we’d need to scale back or eliminate the party entirely. It’s a big decision. I’ll need some months to think it over.

As for this Halloween, it’s time for me to say goodbye one last time. The best way I can cope with the post-Halloween depression is to get all of these damn decorations completely out of my sight, like when a teenage romance ends – you just pack it all away in a box (in this case, SEVERAL boxes). I plan to pop back into this blog from time to time to write horror movie reviews or record any random instances of something Halloweeny popping up unseasonally, but for the most part, the site will be dormant, especially around Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who shared in the Halloween festivities this year, and who read this blog. Your participation made this obsession of mine a little less pathetic.

I remember Halloween.

Me, at the end of Halloween night

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