Pumpkinhunt 2013

Dear readers, tonight is a momentous night over here at I Remember Halloween – your one stop Halloween headquarters. Tonight, Pumpkinhunt 2013 has officially kicked off.

Just what is Pumpkinhunt? Why, it’s the name I just created for my ongoing quest to try every pumpkin beer available in Arizona. Perhaps you’ve seen my previous write-ups. Tonight, on several tips from friends, I stopped at Total Wine to see what was what. 

They did not disappoint. Not only did they have Shipyard Pumpkinhead (my perennial favorite), they had THREE new pumpkin beers! Not to mention a few other seasonal staples like Wasatch and Sam Adams. Plus, this:

Shipyard in cans!

Yeah, that’s Shipyard Pumpkinhead in CANS. It’s a brave new world for pumpkin beer. One of the new pumpkin ales I picked up was also available in cans – Anderson Valley Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale.

All told, I walked out with seven different varieties of pumpkin beer, three of which were brand new. That’s a much better haul than I expected this early in the season. The Dogfish Head Punk (another perennial favorite) hasn’t peeked its head out yet.

Total Wine haul

For tradition’s sake I rang in the season with a Shipyard. The moment that beer hit my lips, it was like I came out of hibernation. It WAS Halloween. The lights dimmed, the air cooled, and I could see Jason’s hockey mask on the insides of my eyelids. I saw cotton spider webs and corn syrup blood, plastic skeletons, zombies, Tootsie Rolls. Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis. Around this time Trader Joe’s sells a batter mix you can use to make pumpkin bread. Shipyard Pumpkinhead tastes like that in a beer. It has lost none of its charm.

Just like last year I plan to keep my ear close to the ground and be continually on the hunt for new pumpkin beers. There will be another Pumpkin Beer Roundup near the end of the season where I review them all. And until then, I’ll be consuming gallons of the stuff.

It’s not yet September, and Phase I has not officially begun, but right now that doesn’t seem to matter. Halloween 2013 has arrived early.


  1. Great review! I had the Anderson Valley Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale in the bottle, and really enjoyed it. Sadly, the Red Hook Pumpkin Porter left little to be desired. Tonight I shall enjoy a Shipyard Pumpkinhead and watch The Goonies. Yay for the start of Halloween…

  2. Check out Elysian Brewing, in my home state of Washington. You can’t get in Az or my current state of California, but in October they have a pumpkin beer festival that has about 40 different pumpkin beers from local breweries. elysian even has about half a dozen pumpkin beers of their own.

    Cool blog.

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