Progress report

The 2010 Halloween season is progressing at a promising rate.

We “broke the seal” by watching Trick R Treat already, but it only served to kick start the Halloween spirit. It will certainly be viewed again before season’s end.

The Spirit stores have started to open. At the time of this writing, about half of the valley’s locations are open. Last weekend I actually stopped by the first store to open in Phoenix – the Arrowhead location. They were still unpacking boxes but most of the goods were on display. I can’t wait to go back when it’s finished and they have the atmosphere in effect.

The retail stores have started to move in the orange and black. From what I can tell most Walgreen’s locations have just barely taken the shrink wrap off their Halloween aisles. I stopped by one today.

Where else can you find such a great deal on skulls? Also, those hanging ghouls are MINE.

Target is not quite there yet, as usual. Last I checked the back to school stuff was mostly gone but in its place was a big empty spot, just waiting to be filled with Halloween. But they did have a few things in place already, mostly candy.

I was extraordinarily pleased to see a big banner advertising a 50% off sale at Halloween Express right by home. It’s been noted in the past that the only thing keeping me from patronizing that store is the prices. I’ll certainly be dropping in this weekend. More good news – they’re bringing back their own in-house haunted attraction! Last year it was outstanding but didn’t seem to draw much of a crowd. No matter though. Shorter lines for me.

The blood quench the hunger

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