Phase One Initiate

This can’t be happening already. Can it? How can it be Halloween already, when the memory of packing up all my decorations from last year into many (many) boxes is still so fresh in my mind? I feel like I skipped a month or two.

But now that I think about it, it’s starting to make sense. I officially devote 2 entire months of the year to Halloween celebration (hence September = Halloween Phase I). That’s 1/6 of the year. Plus because of all the work I put into it now it bleeds over a little bit into August, and even July. So really, depending on how I look at it, I spend just shy of half the year celebrating, preparing for, or otherwise thinking about Halloween.

This is out of control.

But what do I have to complain about? It’s PHASE I!!! 

Halloween 2011 132

OK, so I jumped the starting gun a little this year. What could I do? With life size poseable skeletons sitting on the shelves at Costco in July, ultra-cheap Halloween crap creeping into Big Lots in August, and pumpkin beer BEGGING to be swilled from Total Wine just last week, I didn’t stand a chance of waiting until September.

So for the next two months, my house will be abuzz with horror movie marathons, haunted house construction, decorating, and pumpkin-centric feasts. Among much, much more. During fleeting moments of spare time I’ll keep the site updated with the goings-on. My hope, as it is every year, is to infect others with just a small portion of the little symbiote that is my Halloween obsession.

A little unfortunate but necessary bit of house keeping: I aim to make this year’s annual Camp Awesome Halloween Haunted House Party one for the ages. I want it to make last year’s party seem like a low-key get-together by comparison. But I can’t do that without your help. I am not going to sugarcoat nor exagerrate: There are big things I really want to bring to the table this year and I do not have the money in the bank to do them.

If you feel inclined to kick a few bucks my way in the service of one amazing, horror-filled night of debauchery, click the PayPal Donate button over on the right and help out. I deeply, deeply appreciate any and all contributions and assure you they won’t be squandered.

Also remember that I promised to give something personal back to this year’s contributers. It’s a brand new experiment and I’m anxious to see how it ends up.

So with that out of the way, let’s crack open some pumpkin beer, throw on some Misfits, and do this Halloween thing for keeps.

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