Phase II!!!!

Oooooh yeah. October happens.

We are now officially in Phase II of the Halloween celebration. Time to start actively shopping for your costume, buying your pumpkins, and most importantly for me – decorating. This is the month where it’s not only more fun to celebrate the hilariously macabre, it’s also socially acceptable.

I traditionally celebrate October 1st with a viewing of the original Halloween. I was going to watch the movie and then post reviews of it and the Rob Zombie remake today, but with my adult life becoming busier and busier every single year (when will this even out?), I will barely have time to squeeze the film itself in before I have to tend to other matters. In fact, that is what I’ll be doing the moment I finish writing this. I’ll try to post the reviews this weekend. Happy Halloween!! Phase II!!!

Halloween, Halloween, that’s when she gets so mean

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