Phase II Initiate

Halloween Phase 2

October is here. October, the month we can all agree is officially “Fall”. The month of Halloween.

I was looking at my post activity for the last few years writing I Remember Halloween and I noticed that September was always my most active month for new content, but new posts dropped dramatically during October. It’s no surprise. I always get so busy during Phase II that certain things always needed to get put on the back burner. A big part of that had to do with the fact that I had instituted a hard rule about decorating – nothing goes up before October 1st. I’ve been doing it that way since, well, the beginning of time. But last year taught me the hard way that that rule would no longer fly. There was just too much to be condensed into a single month. Even though this was the first year decorating started in September, it seems utterly insane that the last few Halloweens haven’t been that way.

So this year will be different. The extra few weeks of lead time has put us ahead of schedule slightly, and for once I don’t feel overwhelmed (yet). So I vow to keep this site just about as active as it has been during Phase I with reviews of horror movies, pumpkin beers, haunted houses, and other such Halloween accoutrements, not to mention general musings on the season, observations about larger society getting into the spirit, and essays that I’ve been working on for some time, waiting to unleash.

This is month when it’s officially fair game for Normals to start engaging in all the things I’ve been thinking about for over a month already. The horror movie marathons are going to start appearing on TV (I’m sad to miss for the first time AMC’s Fear Fest marathon, as we recently cancelled cable). All the major retailers that carry seasonal items should be fully stocked with styrofoam tombstones and skeletons and tattered fabric and plastic pumpkins. Don’t feel bad about pressing those Try Me buttons. The employees probably hate it but, this is Halloween. They can deal with it for a month.


Hey! Did you know I Remember Halloween is on Instagram? Search for i_remember_halloween (some jerk had already claimed that user name without doing anything with it – story of my life. Think I wanted this site to be a .net?). Anything Halloweeny I see out and about that can be expressed in pictures alone will be on there.

I haven’t started working on my Halloween costume yet, or purchased my soon-to-be jack o’ lanterns, but you should be doing both right now! This is the time. It’s also the time to go to a haunted attraction. You’ll find links to most of the major ones in Phoenix and surrounding territories in the side bar. I’ve reviewed a few of them. I will review more this year. A haunted attraction is far and away the number one most effective kickstarter of Halloween spirit. The moment you walk out of one you won’t be able to wait for Halloween.

Well, it seems I’m just rambling on now and I doubt anyone’s still reading, so enough talk. It’s finally time for the rest of the world to start remembering Halloween with us. Let’s do this thing!

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