Oh, Hi Halloween

What a year this has been. Halloween Season 2011 has been an unusual one for me. At times I feel like it flew by so quickly (such as now, realizing I haven’t updated the site in over a week), and others I’m almost ready for it to be over. Don’t read into that too much. I’m not burned out, but A LOT of work has gone into this holiday. My back aches, somewhat appropriately.

I’m fortunate to have a spouse that not only tolerates my insanity, but encourages me to take it to the next level. And take it to the next level we have. Last night, I set the house up in 100% Halloween-osity for the first time this year and extensively documented it in pictures. They’ll be posted very soon.

As for last night, we carved pumpkins and watched Beetlejuice, and I took a deep breath to acknowledge the calm before the storm that will be tonight.

Halloween won’t be over after tonight, but I will feel like a vast chunk of it has been accomplished. I’m glad it’s on a Monday this year – that gives me two days left to enjoy it after the party. To sit back, relax, throw on some horror movies I’ve seen a million times, and soak in the spirit.

Check back in tomorrow (or the next day…. or the next) for the inevitable “aftermath” shots. But until then, let’s all remember Halloween.

This day, anything goes

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