Octubre Spooky Hot

There’s no question about it: the month of October belongs to Halloween. When it’s October, you can decorate, dress up, and otherwise publicly acknowledge the existence of Halloween without anyone getting on your case moaning “too eeaaaarlllyyyy!”. No “seasonal creep”, no “isn’t it too hot for that?”, just a whole month of scarin’ goin’ on.

In other words, October is when the rest of the outside world joins the party.

If you are a longtime reader, you may have noticed the tenor of these Phase II posts getting just a little somber and wistful. That’s because for me, this is “no more fucking around” time. In September, I can spend the evening with just any horror movie on my bookshelf, or not. I can spend the weekend drinking pumpkin beer (or not) and thinking about events to come. I can appreciate the sight of a local storefront putting out decorations. I can think about which haunted houses I may want to go to, once they’re open.

But October arrives, and I have to get to work. If I want to accomplish everything I put on my own plate, each and every day needs to be productive. That goes double for weekends. And it’s incredible how short the span of a month can be when you have this much to do. Often, my weekends get fully scheduled before the month even begins, meaning that it may already be too late to participate in certain events that may come up.

It’s stressful, but I’ve chosen live this role as the ambassador of Halloween spirit for those around me. Someone recently said to me, “do you realize how many people you’ve made into Halloween fanatics?” If that’s a truthful statement, then all of this is worth it. All I want is to share a bit of the emotional high I get from this season with others. If that means I need to work harder than I do during the entire rest of the year, so be it.

This October will be busy, no doubt about it. But at the end of it all, when Phase III draws to a close, the rewards will make up for it.

So what’s YOUR Halloween costume this year?

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