More Pumpkin Beers are arriving!

I swung into Total Wine today since I was in the area. Figured I’d see how the autumn beers are coming along.

A few of them are out now and I’m pleased to see that they’ve already created an Autumn Beer display down the main drag of the store. As of now it’s still about half Summer beers and End-of-Summer beers (I can’t believe they have those). The seasonal releases section is the same way, as I’d expect.

I’ve already tried the Uinta Brewing Punk’n, and was happy with it. I saw this beer which I’ve never seen before, and had to get it.

I’m not expecting much, to be honest, due to the cheap-looking packaging, and I’ve never heard of this brewery before. But who knows? It could surprise me.

I also spied a rather odd Newcastle box. This one I’m super curious to try.

They had Buffalo Bills Pumpkin ale, which is serviceable, as well as Blue Moon’s Harvest Moon Pumpkin ale and a few Octoberfest-y beers. So far, no Shipyard Pumpkinhead (my favorite), or Dogfish Head Punk (second favorite). I looked around and didn’t see any other telltale signs of pumpkin and beer combined in perfect harmony. But then, in the back of the store, in a random end-cap display, was THIS:

Whaaaat. Theeee. Ffffffff…….

Hands down, best bottle I’ve seen. The thing is just lousy with Jack-o-lanterns (12 to be exact). The curious thing though is this is NOT strictly a pumpkin beer. It’s a “75% ale brewed with pumpkin and cranberry juice, 25% ale aged in wooden barrels”. ABV 8.5%. Check out this description on the bottle:

We get a kick out of collaborating. Harvesting the creativity of Kim Jordan of New Belgium and Dick Cantwell of Elysian produced this ruby-hued, slightly sour, pumpkin, cranberry ale. It’s a treat that does the trick.

I’ve never been so curious to try a beer before. I don’t like Fat Tire, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

I’ll be watching with undead eyes

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