Mark it, Dude The first flickers of Halloween 2016 hit the mainstream!

I returned from a week long vacation today, and took a trip to the grocery store to replenish my meager fridge and pantry. Near the entrance was a small group of empty shelves that I didn’t really take note of… 

…Until later in the day, when I realized I had forgotten a few things. I went back, and those same shelves now looked like this:

Frys 2016

Unless you’re a weirdo like me, this picture probably doesn’t do that much for you. That’s OK. It just means you have a normal, non-Halloween-obsessed brain. But if you are my type of weirdo, this picture means everything.

Sure, you could have made a trip to Michael’s, or At Home, or Hobby Lobby and seen some Jack O Lanterns back in July, or even June if you were lucky. And my birdies informed me that Costco was stocking their annual Halloween decoration (a group of animated witches) a couple weeks ago. But those stores are the outliers. They don’t really “count”, as far as being the heralds of Halloween season because they have the prerogative to stock this stuff super early without having to sacrifice valuable seasonal shelf space.

But this photo was taken at Fry’s grocery store (depending on the region, you may know it as Kroger or Smith’s). They fired the official starting shot, as far as my own limited observation goes. This means we’re just days away from seeing pumpkins on the Home & Garden magazines, pumpkin beer on the shelves, and Back to School aisles being cleared out for you-know-what.

Good time to be alive.

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