The Main Event is Yet to Come

With the Camp Awesome Halloween Hootenanny behind us, and currently being drafted into the annals of history, it’s easy for me to consider Halloween over. But it’s not! There are still two entire days left of revelry, including Phase III! 

I still don’t have the words to describe that party, 3 days hence. The only word that ever comes to mind is “epic”, which seems hyperbolic and uncomfortably self-aggrandizing. But it’s the word other guests have invoked to me several times. And besides, it wasn’t me that made it epic. Me and my partner (and a select group of indispensable individuals – you know who you are) may have busted our asses to provide the venue, but that only takes it so far. The alchemy was somehow different this year. There was a crackling energy running through the entire night that I don’t know how to describe. It’s not that Halloween parties in the past were lacking, it’s just that this one raised the bar considerably.

Some killer photos are now available on the Halloweens Past page, about half of which are courtesy of the incomparable Jaryd Neibauer (like his page). They are the professional-looking ones. If you are strongly opposed to clicking your mouse once more, here is a small collection of my favorites:

With that not-small event out of the way, it’s time to look forward to the main event. Halloween proper.

This year I am finally fulfilling my number one Halloween-related childhood dream – running a home haunt for trick or treaters. I’ve made numerous mention of how coming upon an amateur haunted house while trick or treating as a kid was the Halloween Holy Grail. It only happened to me maybe…. two or three times in my entire trick or treating career. But I still have vivid memories of it. I made a promise: When I was grown up and had my own house, I’d be the one to do a home haunt.

I think the standards for a Halloween home haunt are pretty low, truth be told. I mean, simply attempting such a thing is already going way above and beyond the “answer the door, hand out candy” contract we have with the neighborhood children. But, and I say this with minimal hubris, I think my haunt is going to be very memorable. I spent more than two months constructing it, and it was made for adults. My biggest issue is actually how scary I should allow it to be. I have zero concept about what it takes to frighten children. This should be an interesting experiment.

All that aside, with the big party out of the way, I’m trying to focus on some of Halloween’s simpler pleasures, now that I finally have a few nights to do so. Horror movies. Non-stop. Tonight I watched Trick ‘R Treat with the director commentary, and combed through the special features again. AMC is going strong with FearFest, and most of the cable channels that show movies are taking a horror-centric slant. Between that and Netflix, nobody has an excuse not to indulge.

So, raise a pumpkin beer with me, and let’s go strong through the finish line. Halloween is now upon us.

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