Let the Games Begin

Thanks to a tip, I was able to confirm that Big Lots, of all places, is the winner of this year’s First Halloween Display award. There wasn’t anything too great there, but damnit, it was a whole¬†aisle. Normally, with my ear to the ground in August, the first thing I see is a Better Homes & Gardens magazine with a pumpkin on the front. So, for having a fleshed-out Halloween aisle ready to go this absurdly early, Big Lots gets a gold star.

Costco has evidently had the costumes and “fun size” candy bags out for a couple of weeks already, but being that there isn’t a jack o’ lantern or skeleton or bat anywhere in sight, I’m not counting it. Besides, I know that come mid-October, they’ll already be gearing up for Christmas. Heathens.

My Halloween countdown app (naturally) tells me that there are 80 days left until Halloween. 80! I guess that means it’s time to start compiling The List – the horror movies I want to watch this year. I made great strides by making this list for the first time last year. 80 days out is when you make it. That’s a milestone I just now invented.

I’m unlikely to stick to it.

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