is 10/31 365 A reference guide for everything Halloween

People who really love Halloween just can’t seem to stop talking about it. And I should know – when irritating your friends with your seasonally-inappropriate Halloween yammering isn’t enough, you have to start a website to chronicle your obsession.

Over the years, one of my little side-goals with this website has been to create a network of Halloween content curated by other like-minded obsessives. I just discovered, and it’s kind of incredible. Whereas I’m content to just write about horror movies, pumpkin beer, haunted houses, and my own Halloween experience in Phoenix, I Love Halloween has bigger ambitions. They’re like a how-to manual on celebrating Halloween in all 50 states. Yes, even Alaska and Hawaii. The freak states.

Their Fall Fun and Halloween Attractions pages have information on haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, fall festivals and more, searchable by each state. This is an incredibly powerful resource as it saves you from having to Google Fu your way through a bunch of out of date web pages looking for Halloween activities in your area.

They’ve also got the scoop on upcoming Halloween trade shows, a directory of suppliers for home haunters, and industry news for pro Halloween-ers. As we start getting closer to the arrival of October and the “official” Halloween season, you’ll want to check out their Halloween memes and of course, the obligatory countdown clock.

That’s not even close to everything there is on the site. We’re currently in the PRE-pre-season of Halloween, but as the weather starts to cool and the pumpkins start to show up in stores around you, that’s when should enter into your regular internet browsing. Go ahead and throw it in your bookmarks.

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