How’s Your Phase I Going?

Hello, dear readers! Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been dropping the ball this year with regard to finding long-form things to write about. Pretty much the only topic anyone is bringing up is whether trick or treating is legal this year, and I’ve already covered that subject.

The winds have shifted pretty dramatically away from traditional blogs such as this in the past decade, and though I do plan to continue writing here as long as there is anyone left to read it, I do have to admit it’s much more immediately gratifying to simply upload an Instagram post and watch the hearts roll in. Speaking of which, I’m at i_remember_halloween on there.

As for my own Halloween progress, interior decorations are up. Halloween music is spinning constantly. I’ve watched parts of many horror movies, mostly classics. I’ve been to Spirit Halloween 5 times. Target, 3 times, checking to see if the unusually stalwart Back to School section has made way. While I wait for that, I’m also waiting for that special morning when I walk outside and the temperature is cooler than it is inside (this is a Phoenix thing). Because it is Hell Year, that probably won’t happen till October. Or never, who knows.

For the non-Insta users among you, here’s a little collage of what I’ve been up to this month. I hope it suffices for a proper update. No promises, but I’ll try to be better next month.


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