Which Horror Villain has the Highest Body Count? The answer may (not) surprise you!

Pretty fun article by Unreality Mag that breaks down the body counts of all your favorite horror movie killer (the top ten anyway) and ranks them.

Check it out here: http://unrealitymag.com/movies/horror-movie-villains-body-count/

I love the sports card style they created for each killer. Based on my thoroughly non-encyclopedic knowledge of the figures here, they all seem accurate. The only factual error I was able to pick out immediately is the description of Freddy’s sweater as “red and gray”. It’s actually red and green, chosen specifically because of how those two colors together create a visual dissonance.

The number one spot isn’t at all surprising (see if you can guess before you click!), but number 3 was fairly shocking – Leprechaun?! Also news to me: the Leprechaun has a name. “Lubin”, according to this article, and “Lubdan” via Wikipedia. Who knew?

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