Horror. Heat. Hangovers. Summer of Horror 2019 Begins

Arizona and much of the West coast experienced a freakishly cool May this year. As a result, it felt as though Spring was just getting getting started and Summer was but a distant threat. But then things went back to normal… Hello, 100+ degree days! I look forward to six straight months of you!

I suppose we’d do best to stay indoors with some citrus flavored beers and consume some unseasonal horror movies. What’s on the menu this year? Well… direct your eyes a couple dozen pixels downward and find out.

Good list this year. Only a few that feel like homework assignments (Wishmaster, Prom Night). One theater release (Ari Aster’s highly-anticipated follow up to Hereditary). A super highly rated paranormal horror flick I couldn’t get around to last year (Terrified). And, in what I expect to become a new Summer of Horror tradition, I’m finishing out a long-running franchise in Nightmare on Elm Street, watching all the bad ones I never got around to. As a little preview of things to come, I’ve only seen about half the Friday the 13th movies and even a couple Halloween entries have eluded me…

The list above is alphabetical but like always, I’ll be viewing these randomly and posting reviews sporadically. If you know me and want to join in on any of these, I’ve got plenty of beer and couch space. Don’t be a stranger.

Onward to the road to Phase 1!

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