Do You Hear That Rumbling Sound?

… it’s the sound of Halloween approaching off in the distance.

The very first signs of the season have slowly started creeping into the city. Behold, my very first personal Halloween sighting of 2014, at Costco:

Costco Lanterns

I have also gotten word from others that dollar stores have started bringing out the Halloween stuff, though I have yet to investigate on my own. Here’s proof received from a friend:

99 cents only

Of course, I’m almost certain that if I were to just walk into a Michael’s craft store I’d see a pretty complete Halloween display. And Big Lots stores are also normally early to the game. Last weekend I went to Total Wine, a part of me deep down hoping I would see a pumpkin beer on the shelf – no dice. But all good things in due time…

The phrase “Three Month Halloween” has been running through my head. I can’t do it. That line is more than I’m willing to cross. Delayed gratification is a crucial ingredient to keeping Halloween (and any holiday) sacred. But there’s so much I cram into those two months, it’s hard to avoid temptation.

The planning phases may have begun, but the celebration must wait for now.

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