Haunted Houses are Opening

I just wanted to pop in briefly to alert everyone that the first haunted attractions in Arizona have officially opened as of Friday! Clearly, the opportunity to open on a Friday the 13th during the Halloween season was too alluring to pass up. I can’t blame them, and I wish that I had found the time to be there. But I’m not worried – haunted houses are a thing I MAKE time for.

Since we’re on the subject, I’d like to draw your attention to the Events page. Right beneath the sparkly new flyer for Camp Awesome Haunted Halloween 2013, I have a calendar that will tell you the date all of Phoenix’s notable haunted attractions are open for business. The sidebar also has links to all of them. Take if from me, folks, if you want to catch a little of the Halloween bug but find your spirit waning, go to one of these haunted houses. It kind of doesn’t matter which one (though I do have recommendations), I guarantee you’ll be dreaming of plastic skeletons and jack o lanterns once it’s over.

You may have heard I’m building my own haunted house. It’s going to be bigger and scarier than last year’s, and open to the whole neighborhood. If you come to the party, you’ll get to see it for yourself, and if you want it to be really awesome, well, you have a say in that.

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